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Tracy dreamed up the idea behind La Dolce Toscana through her instinctive desire to share her passion and discoveries of Italy with others.
She came to Florence over 18 years ago as a native neurotic New Yorker and has since found herself transplanted into the quiet, sleepy backroads of Tuscany, falling hopelessly in love with the beauty of its land, the poetry of its language, the integrity of its people and the simple yet rich way of life in this part of the world. She finds herself in life combining the best of two worlds: the energy and vitality of the American spirit with the warmth and fervor of the Italian soul!
Tracy's first-hand knowledge of Italy and its culture, combined with her precious insight into the foreign traveler's mind are essential assets behind the company's travel designing services. Clients often mention Tracy as that sort of special friend living in Tuscany, whose expertise has made for such unique and special experiences that otherwise would not have been possible.


Fabio is a designer and educator, specialized in visual communication and aesthetic studies. Born and bred in Florence, passionate about health and nutrition, Fabio embraces the slow food philosophy and organic way of living and lives in symbiosis with his native territory, inviting others to do the same. In 2007 he opened a concept store for Esserebio, an organic wholefoods and products boutique and continues to operate in its online sector as a blogger on nutrition and wellness topics (
Fabio helped to design the ideas behind La Dolce Toscana. His native insights and extensive knowledge about the territory are invaluable and make him the perfect partner for brainstorming sessions, in location scouting and in choosing the best associates. Extensive travel abroad has also given him a deep understanding of the uniqueness of his homeland and how to translate that into awesome experiences for visitors.


Mascia is a native of Tuscany, Italy and graduated from the University of Florence in Modern Foreign Languages (English, German, French). She started out in the tourism industry as a teacher and tour guide in various European countries over the course of many years. She has a vast personal knowledge of Italy and Tuscany and has lived and worked in travel services in France, Germany, England and Austria.
Her extensive experience combined with her positive energy, warmth and enthusiasm are an excellent combination for offering the perfect guidance, insight and support for the most discriminating clients.
Since 1995 Mascia has also specialized in wedding and special events planning for foreigners in magnificent and exclusive locations throughout Italy. Please visit our specific Weddings & Events site for more information: